Wednesday, October 28, 2009

El Dia de los Muertos

This is one of my favorite
pieces. I made it about 3 years ago.
It is loaded with fun stuff; milagros,
vintage plastic Christmas lights,vintage
miniature light bulbs from my Dad's
workbench, a dead and heavily
sprayed cicada ,vintage jewelry
a vintage toy toilet from the 50's.
The small skeleton musicians on top
are from a wonderful shop , Folk Tree,
in Pasadena Ca.
I am very drawn to this holiday
of honoring ones family members
that have passed on. It also reminds
us all not to take ourselves too seriously!


  1. And I am SURE this one sold!!!!
    OMG LYNN!!!!! I love it! Of course, I love DOTD, so what can I say?
    This kicks ass though...... :)


  2. Thanks Anne, and I have been surprised it didn't sell. It was priced at $400. maybe just too high. Lots of interest but no offers!!

  3. OMG!...sorry i am just seeing this, Lynn.
    I love much to see! The skeleton on the potty really gave me a laugh!..I think you covered it all!... hope you're enjoying that new grandbaby!