Sunday, September 13, 2009

Penrod Art Fair

Yesterday was an absolutely
awesome art fair; good weather,
tons of people, great sales, it
was perfect! Thanks to everyone
who purchased artwork from me,
I hope you love it! Thanks to
DH for all the hard labor!
Thanks to my friend Brenda,
who bought three of my
favorite pieces, including
Atlas Moth (above).


  1. Lynn,

    So glad things went SUPER!!!! I love the Atlas Moth piece---sure it got a good home.
    Have very much enjoyed watching the growth and development of your work; it is going in wonderful directions and I am delighted to see your success!!!


  2. Thanks Anne,
    The day was just perfect!! And thanks for all your kind words!!

  3. I love your work and it is especially meaningful for me to see the fine artist and caring person you have grown to be. Don't worry about getting older, you allows be the "spring time of life" to me.

    John Pock