Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jokers to the Right

I have a special place in my heart for clowns,
even the scary ones.
Over 30 years ago I hosted some of the
Ringling Brothers clowns for dinner at my house
after shows when they were in town.We had
a young friend who was a mime, she studied with
famous mimes around the world, as did
some of the clowns. When the circus came
to town she would pick up a carload of the
guys after a show and bring
them to my house. Some would just
have dinner and go back ,others would
sleep at the house just for a change
of pace from the circus sleeping car.
The magic always began after dinner,
they would juggle my kitchen knives and
anything else they could get their hands on!!
They taught my son (Jason) to juggle when
he was eight. And, they always put him to
bed with his own special performance.
What magic!!
Some said they weren't always sure
which city they were in, things got to be
such a blur. They seemed to appreciate such
a small gesture as a meal and conversation.
What wonderful memories for a young
boy, now grown, to pass along to his daughter.
Clowns rock, even the scary ones.


  1. This is soooooo interesting; a personal recollection of the circus when it really was THE CIRCUS.
    I guess living here in Peru, where they are still hanging onto the apron-strings of past circus glories, it is nice to hear REAL memories!
    Cool work!

  2. Thanks, It was so much fun, we probably did it only 2-3 times but it was awesome!!